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When the piano adjudicator Murray Nichol asked Lia if she like the piece she played because she got the rhythm well, and how amazing she can manage her chords with her little hands. Or the violin master Robert Skelton said, when listened her cello playing, that she has lilt in the allegro of Vivaldi‘s Sonata and how she has flexible wrist on the bow arm to make beautiful sound. I want to tell them badly that those feeling all come from fiddle training. Yes, fiddle music give her the sense of expression, lilt, danceable style, etc. When other music players concentrate the intonation, technique stuff, her music went flying with her feeling. I am not saying the technique stuff is not important, they are essential. But what is the real music, does it come from what you feel in your heart, and not just the notes in the paper? No matter how good a robot has been programed, it is far from to be a good musician. The crazy excitement bursts out from a musician’s brain is what music touches us. Lia’s teacher is right, fiddle is her secret weapon. I would say the cello and piano training also bolder her fiddle playing. It just like Bruce Lee combined and adjusted all the best elements from different martial Arts to be his own style. All she learned help her enriches her music, maybe one day she will narrow down and concentrate on one kind of music or create a new style. I am happy gave her chance to explore.