When Lia plays fiddle or classical pieces, she always show lots character and color in the music. And you can see how she put whole herself into the performance. The photographers saw that in her expression and it’s why she is featured in newspaper since she was 5. In Prince George Fiddle Contest 2011, the confidence and sincere view of music making not just get her another chance to be in the paper, it also earned her the first place in the competition. After noticed she suddenly quiet down on one of the harder song, I reminded her of the lower volume may cost her in the score. She put the whole energy into the final round and sounded much more mature and confident, the notes are alive. When her piano accompanist played wrong key, she glanced with a mad look. But it didn’t stop her, she continued to fire up until the end. Of course she plays good usually, but this dramatic awareness get her to the top. When she thrown the fear behind her, the whole performance were lighten up. Thinking like a champion, then play like a champion. You can not deny the mind power.