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When Canucks lost by two goals at the third period and Kesler just got some stitches, there are only 3 minutes left in the game, he shown up and score. Yes, he never give up. and when he is back, he is on fire, nothing can stop him. 

In the same day, I saw such determination in Kai. When everyone think it will be a tough contest for him. And even our luthier praise one competitor as good as a violin prodigy.  He insisted to join the contest with his best. Guess what, he beat the so called best kid fiddler by 5 points and he only lost to the first place winner by 1 point.

It is almost identical situation last summer when he won first in the biggest contest in west Canada ( John Arcand Fiddlefest). Even his fiddle friends didn’t think he had slim chance to win, and he was underage in the category. When he decide to take the challenge, he did it.

Life is full of challenge, and the strong will will take him far.