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Lia in cello lesson when she was 6Changing the kids violin teacher again because Lia really want to play violin in the orchestra but not just cello, and we think they need a little boost by the recitals, camp, exam and the bigger environment with their peers. Since their first violin teacher retired, this is the third time we are looking for a violin teacher. According to the teacher to be, they are well-trained, so we are not looking for a “better”‘ teacher. Besides, Lia is with the same cello teacher since the beginning. So why?

The second violin teacher they have is from Russia, he is a nice and experienced teacher with super playing skill. During the years with him, Kai and Lia got very solid foundation but lost interest and slow down the progress because of his strict training style a few years later. He hates fiddlers and think the bad posture some fiddlers have would ruin the kids. We found a local teacher later on who is younger and won’t mind Kai and Lia play fiddle. She get along with the kids and bring them to advanced level, but Kai and Lia lost chance to participate in the recitals because she don’t have many students.  Their learning slow down again because lack of stimulation. And Kai is even thinking of quitting. So here we go again.  In different phrase of learning we found they need different approach, either bring more interest or need more polish on detail or just a little push with recital or competition. A good teacher is not exactly the one with the best reputation but the one fit their learning phrase in the moment. Lia is lucky to have a cello teacher willing and able to bend his teaching to grow with her. All the encouragement when she is younger and long-term personalized planning really pay off. All their violin teachers also help them a step a time in different way. Change or not is not the main point but to keep them going to reach the top need both parents and teachers work together and find what the students really need.