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Lia told me she would like to learn gymnastic stuff, well, maybe that’s not a good idea to add it in her busy life. One thing I know about gymnastics, balance. Wonder if she can borrow this idea for her learning, or maybe she already implant the idea and using it to organize her schedule. She told me her project has been used as a example to show how a good work can be done  by her school teacher. And she is progressing well in classical music as well as fiddle. She hand out with friends and watch lots TV on the days she is free, and still get As in school, even advanced a grade in math. Um, she seems balance well in all area. That make me think, we are told to get all 5 groups of food to balance our nutrition, why not balance the activity or jobs we do? I never think practice 5 hours a day 7 days a week is good for a musician. As Homer Simpson said, “No beer, No TV make homer crazy.” I will say, all work, no leisure make everyone crazy. Even a musician need some balance in life.